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 The Night of the Spanish Curse
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 07/20/2006 :  21:46:57  Show Profile

I shake my head at the beginning of this episode. That women screaming and running away is just over the top for me. The opening reminds me of Vipers as Jim is left lying on the ground as we cut to the first commercial.

There are some great lines in this episode. I laugh when Jim says his stomach has insomnia and when Artie says for that much money ďeven play in tuneĒ. Something that wasnít meant to be funny is Jim entering the cafť/bar and not tying his horse. I am not sure when he leaves if it is tied but I thought he was. This was a subject on the Western Channel. They showed how long a horse would stand and it wasnít long.

Another thing that amused me is the name of the town that the action takes place in, Buena Vista. I live not far from such a town. Only we pronounce Buna Vista, Bunie for short. That reminds me of what bothers me. Jim enters this very small village obviously dressed very differently yet no one notices?

Ross Martin is in top form with his fake snakes and his French dishes. I do not understand why he just threw Jimís escape to him while leaving explosives on the gun powder. Why didnít he help more? Of course, he does help Jim finish the bad guy and throw him into the camera. This was jolting as the camera moved and Jim and Artie didnít.

This episode is one that does not have the train and it is sorely missed. I consider it tag less as well. Maybe the scene on the hillside might be considered a tag, I donít know.
As I donít know why this episode does not succeed. It isnít a bad episode but not one a favorite either.

Herr Ostropolyer
SS 1st assignment - desk job

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Posted - 07/22/2006 :  07:31:50  Show Profile
Hey couldron,

Great review as always, and I think you hit the nail on the head in regards to TNOT Spanish Curse. This episode is a bit of a mixed bag for many reasons.

First, I feel that it is very camp ala the 60's Batman tv series with Cortez very reminescent of Victor Buono's King Tut from that series. For those that are not familiar with this villian, King Tut was a humble college professor who when knocked on the head took on the the persona of the villainous King Tut who would hire underlings that would wear Egyptian garb and commit Egyptian based crimes. In TNOT Spanish Curse, we have an American miner take on the guise of Cortez and commit a heinous crime in that he is enslaving the natives (this time Mexicans instead of Aztecs) to mine mercury. His legions are disguised in the garb of conquistadors too. The audience has already scene our show do "Batman camp" and far better too in last season's TNOT Falcon. Also, where we had the excellent Falcon Cannon prop last season, we know get a giant drum that dictates that the valcano is hungry for another sacrifice. (ho-hum)

Next, they try to do James Bond on horseback by having Cortez hang out in a "defunct volcano lair" ala Blofeld in 1967's "You Only Live Twice". In the later, the Japanese peasants are being killed off by a mysterious gas emminating from the valcano (to keep the curious away permenatly). In Spanish Curse, we instead have the peasants dying off because they are mining for mercury unprotected. And just like the Bond Film both villains appear to be destroyed once there "dead" volcanos become reanimated.

My last gripe is about the horrid music soundtrack for this episode which really takes the dramatic impact to whats taking place on screen by being so distractingly bad! I know that many of you wish that they put out a soundtrack for the series, but my fear is that instead of getting the great music from the first two seasons, we'll get the 4th season dreck!

RC and RM are on top marks with what they are given. However, Jim reverts to the ol' "knock out the guard and put some of his clothing on to infiltrate the gang trick", which really doesn't work for me here. Why couldn't he wear an entire conquistador outfit ala last seasons TNOT Assassin? It would have been more believable and it would get RC out of those dreaded courdoroy (SP?) Thayer David is wonderfully over the top ala Victor Buono in Batman, Well I hope that was the idea. However, over all, the episode is a let down because it could have been very gothic and chilling if they had done it in the manner of Second Season's TNOT Man-Eating House instead of the Batman camp route.

I give this 3 out if 5 stars because Artie is here in this very Artieless season. (And that's being generous!)

Herr Ostropolyer

"Cosina you will marry me or the volcano will be angry and demand more sacrifices."- Cortez's cornball dialogue in TNOT Spanish Curse

PS: I'm still confused, how is it the Spanish Curse when the villian is an American. Guess it could have been worse this could have been TNOT Spanish Terror, or TNOT Spanish Death! LOL!
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SS spy school graduate

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Posted - 08/04/2006 :  11:06:17  Show Profile

You new it would be bad that the love intrest is 'Cosina'.
thats kitchen in english.
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SS Quizmaster Emeritus

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Posted - 08/14/2006 :  08:48:03  Show Profile
Now back more firmly in harness, and having just commented on one of the series' finest hours, I decided to pay my debt to couldron and speak to what I consider one of the series' worst.

I know: There are some who say that Season #4 will go even farther down the tubes after Ross Martin's heart attack and serial stand-ins. I don't agree. If there's a decent story, well produced, I'll give it points. Charles Aidman and the others cannot be faulted for not being Ross Martin. They did their best under terrible handicaps.

But "The Spanish Curse" is without excuse. Even Ross Martin can't save this turkey. For me, it's an hour of drivel, underscored by arguably the worst music composed for the series.

Sorry, sports fans, but I feel magnanimous in giving this gobbler

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