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 Review The Night of the Avaricious Actuary
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 10/09/2006 :  14:42:33  Show Profile
My opinion would much prefer hearing others. Ratings are one-five

We begin this episode with a bizarre weapon, a tuning fork. This episode is one of my favorites so it’s hard for me to see flaws. I am sure others will provide them. I find this episode interesting not only for what was in the episode but also what went on behind the scenes. This is the episode that Ross Martin hurt his leg. He was not the only casualty **** Cangey also was really clobbered by Conrad in the office when he handed him the voice box. Jim’s search might have been boring but it kept my interest. I often have wondered who the little boy might have been. Because of Ross Martin’s injury, we have someone else briefly stepping into his role. When I first watched it I didn’t know that it was suppose to be Artie, and so when he aimed a gun at Jim it was suspenseful. I kept waiting for Artie to show up.

Ross Martin’s facial expressions as he watched the people come in for dinner were superb. He spoke not a line of dialogue it was all in his eyes. His expression went from cool steady eyes of “he has his man” to exasperation that he did not have his man. His waiter characterization is one of the best of the series.
“The Devil”
“No the Secret Service"

Desert Roger
SS novice field agent

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Posted - 10/09/2006 :  14:59:23  Show Profile  Visit Desert Roger's Homepage
Hey Pasquale, where's the ketchup?

a fun episode

I like this one

3.75 stars out of five
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SS spy school graduate

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Posted - 10/10/2006 :  09:20:01  Show Profile

Does anyone remember the menu?
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Desert Roger
SS novice field agent

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Posted - 10/10/2006 :  14:26:04  Show Profile  Visit Desert Roger's Homepage
That would take a great memory.

that menu was big and in French I think
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SS Quizmaster Emeritus

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Posted - 10/10/2006 :  19:37:07  Show Profile
soulburst: Does anyone remember the menu?

Only vaguely. And if I remembered it better, I'd not tell. Quiz ideas have to be stored away, like nuts for a squirrel's winter.

Oh, my: "The Avaricious Actuary." Time to go schizoid, again.

Your first.

Well, it's not your dusty western. You claim you always dislike those.

Even dusty westerns can be wild. Witness "The Human Trigger"—of which "Actuary" seems a recycling of the same basic idea.

Not so. This one's about the destruction of mansions belonging to the very rich.

You're right. "The Human Trigger" was better. Who cares whether rich people are scammed? That's probably how a lot of them became rich themselves.

Spare us your nickel-and-dime sociology, please. Stay on message. This episode has an outrageous "bear" (big tuning fork), a good heavy played by Harold Gould, and some priceless comedy with Ross Martin in Acts II and III.

I agree with you. It has some very good pieces. What it lacks—in clubs—is an interesting, coherent story that holds them altogether.

What about the uncovering of rich man/insurance underwriter/scientist (Gould) as the villain?

You call that a story? That's a series of pretexts in place of a story. It's so bad—and so confusing—that you even missed one: penny-arcade manufacturer.

Oh, yeah. Thank you.

Don't mention it. You should mention, however, the confusion created by "the gas inspector" (end of Act III/Act IV). Is it Artemus? Is it supposed to be Artemus? Who knows? Who cares?

Good grief! Ross Martin fractures an ankle for the sake of the show and all you can do is gripe. What did you expect the producers to do? Hang a sign around the substitute actor that says, "Hello. I'm supposed to be Artie in disguise"?

They might as well have. By now we've seen the same fourth–act cliché so many times—disguised Artemus arrives in the nick to save Jim's butt—that we know the drill by heart.

You're not paying close attention to what this episode has to offer. Great character actors: Gould, Lou Krugman, Steve Grevers. A lovely and capable actress, Emily Banks, whose character is more than eye-candy. The retrieval of Richard Shores's terrific chase/fight cue composed for "The Firebrand" (Act IV). A captivating teaser and a cute tag.

All duly noted. Unfortunately, all are window-dressing. They still don't add up to the compelling hour that Henry Sharp gave us with "Lord of Limbo" or the high comedy of his "Feathered Fury."

Are you ready to stop grousing and vote your smileys?

Yeah. 1/2

Hey—me, too. 1/2. How did that happen?

I guess we've been hanging around together for too long.
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Herr Ostropolyer
SS 1st assignment - desk job

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Posted - 10/11/2006 :  14:37:33  Show Profile
Hey All,
Great Reviews as always!

TNOT Avaracious Actuary is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I'm thankful under the circumstances that RM was here at all. He tripped over the rifles in the shooting gallery and broke his leg. sadly this event would spark more unfortunate events for RM. According to RM, he was getting involved in the fight scenes because RC was sidelined due to the infamous fall. He would say that he was strained tossing around 200 Lb stuntmen, and it was no wonder that he had a heart attack. I believe the breaking of his leg was the proof in the pudding that RM was infact involved with the stunt sequences. He is superb here from his "The Lady from Niger" speech, to his hilarity as he was forced to return food back to the buffet when he was discussing his weight, and of course the great acting skills already mentioned by couldron during the meeting of the Epicurium society. RC is also in top shape with the fights, and I love how he teaches Joseph how to properly throw a punch!

However, TNOT Avaracious Actuary is still hampered with some low points. This is definently an uneeded retread of TNOT Human Trigger. Thanks ccb! In TNOT Human Trigger, we actaully care about the fate of people in the surrounding areas, but here we get Rich snobs that deserve everything they are getting.

Plus, the motivation of the US is a bit concerning because it seems that the only reason why are boys are involved in this case is because of the destructive properties of the tunning fork for military purposes.

I'm sorry to say folks, but the giant tunning fork is very disappointing. I had a tunning fork as a child and all I ever wanted to do was break glass with it and it never worked. That is why I cannot buy the destructive properties of a giant tunning fork.

Also, I felt that they were trying to capture the magic of the Falcon cannon from TNOT Falcon, but it just doesn't work here. I wish they took this money to make a Kraken for TNOT Kraken instead of the hydrolic arm to the underwater base. Or use that money to borrow the Kraken from "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" episode Eleven minus Zero! Oh, well that is a different story.

I already had Harold Gould pegged as the villian when Jim listened in on the voice box. He did a great job, but I liked him better in TNOT Bubbling Death. I also was very surprised that they did a Mission Impossible disguise for RM. That is were you have another actor go to remove their "Mask" and end up being Martin Landau underneath. I know that RM was injured, but couldn't they have added him in close ups in post production. I mean after all there were whole train tags that were added on at a later time. Like the one at the end of TNOT Pistoleros (You can tell because Artie is sporting that awful new haircut after RM's heart attack,).

It's not a bad episode, but it isn't that spectacular either!
3 stars out of 5!

Herr Ostropolyer

"There once was a woman from Niger, who road upon the back of a tiger, when she returned from the ride she was inside and there was a smile upon the face of the tiger." -Artie's gripping warning to the millionaires in TNOT Avaracious Actuary.
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 10/11/2006 :  19:18:23  Show Profile
"As plaster starts to fall and wine glasses crash to the floor, they escape just in time."

"A wagon at the curb contains a gigantic tuning fork which is radiating powerful sound waves."

"The agents know that a giant tuning fork is the cause of the destruction."

"West disposes of three burly guards around the wagon, but when the energy is directed toward him he falls unconscious."

This is the exact same response my parents displayed the first time I played a Led Zeppelin record upstairs in my room.


(Fritz Feld also starred in an episode of Lost In Space.)

The Wild Wild West: "Escapist entertainment of the highest order."
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SS Quizmaster Emeritus

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Posted - 10/11/2006 :  22:30:19  Show Profile
S the B.: This is the exact same response my parents displayed the first time I played a Led Zeppelin record upstairs in my room.

With one important difference: Apparently your parents didn't dispose of you, for which we are grateful.

Can anybody out there remind me of the commercials or other shows in which Fritz Feld circled his lips and popped them with his palm? I know that was his trademark!
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Herr Ostropolyer
SS 1st assignment - desk job

209 Posts

Posted - 10/12/2006 :  18:28:45  Show Profile
Hey ccb,

I know of two shows that Fritz did the popping noise. In Lost in Space, he played Mr. Zumdish and he did it in all 3 episodes he was in "The Android in Space", "The Toymaker", and "Two Weeks in Space". He also played an art critic in an episode of Batman "Pop Goes the Joker", "Flop Goes the Joker". He also played Professer Greenleaf in "The Joker's Flying Saucer", but I don't remember him doing it in that episode, I hope that was a start!

Herr Ostropolyer
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