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 Review The Night of the Pelican
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 02/13/2007 :  19:56:47  Show Profile

This is a story that is reminiscent of not only Bars of Hell but Bottomless Pit. Even so I enjoy watching it especially the search of Pike for the puppeteer and the polite exchange with the right one. There are many things that are questionable for instance why did Chang reveal himself to the doctor? Speaking of the doctor I always get a kick out of her describing Jim as having contusions and bruises. Those words mean the same thing. Before ccb asks it seems that women doctors may be an anachronism. The first woman doctor was Elizabeth Blackwell who became a doctor in 1849. From what I can gather, A few years after the end of the Civil War, in November 1868, Elizabeth Blackwell carried out a plan that she'd developed in conjunction with Florence Nightingale in England: with her sister, Emily Blackwell, she opened the Women's Medical College. She took the chair of hygiene herself. Although possible, I doubt that there would have been a woman doctor at the post. br / br /
Another anachronism is that record. The first recording device was the Gramophone and it recorded on a round cylinder. The flat record was developed in 1888. br / br /

Despite the rip off of previous episodes you can chalk this episode up to a guilty pleasure.


Herr Ostropolyer
SS 1st assignment - desk job

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Posted - 02/14/2007 :  14:42:15  Show Profile
Hey couldron,

Great review as always! I really do not enjoy TNOT Pelican. I feel that the writers felt that they could throw a whole bunch of plot rehashes from previous seasons at us and that would make a great adventure. Instead, they made a mish mash and a feeling of "Been there, done that, and why bother?" Not only are plot points like TNOT Bars of Hell, Bottomless Pit, and in a sense Puppeteer thrown at us again, but they rip off a plot that has already been recyceled 3 times. We have seen the old "madman wants to fire weapons at the ship of a visiting dignatary" plot in TNOT Watery Death, TNOT Deadly Blossom, and TNOT Kraken and its getting very tired now. I really wonder if this script was inteneded for RM, or did the writers feel that because they had Aidman that they could get away with this rehash. Either way, the proof is in the pudding and TNOT Deadly Blossom, opps I mean the Pelican is a real stinker.

The plot may be a stinker, but the acting was excellent. RC is in top form and I did enjoy Aidman's conversation with the dragon puppet. Khigh Dheigh, Andre Phillippe, Vincent Beck, and Francine York are wonderful, but there talents are wasted here. One redeeming quality about TNOT Pelican is the homage to Artie in the record that is sent to the Agents from Washington from the giggling Secretary. Artie finally gets the girl, and we don't even get to witness it.

2 out of a possible 5 stars!

Herr Ostropolyer

"Oh I'm sorry, but I want that stack of cannon balls back where they were." -Corporal Simon to Jim West: One of the very few original scenes in TNOT Dejavu, opps I mean TNOT Pelican.
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SS Quizmaster Emeritus

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Posted - 02/14/2007 :  21:30:18  Show Profile
Richard Landau, Fred Freiberger's associate producer in Season One, is credited with the script for this dog's breakfast, most of which was pilfered from the second season.

They hired a different actor, in weird makeup with a goofy accent, to play Khigh Dheigh in disguise. Maybe K. D. couldn't be disguised. Why the script needed him in disguise beats me.

"The Pelican" wastes an hour not making much sense. It's as much fun as moving cannon balls from one end of a yard to another.

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