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 The Night of the Plague AKA Long Chase
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 04/03/2007 :  13:42:32  Show Profile

I think they should of stuck with the second title.
This episode is distinguished by the fact that it is the last episode that has a doppelganger. It also has Lana Wood who has a very similar role as that of her last appearance in Firebrand. It must be third season time because we also have a scene from the Jack O’Diamonds. The scene is Jim West using a spyglass to find out what is happening in camp a scene that fits better in this episode than the first. Artie is in good form with his disguise and Shakespearean performance. I realize now that I never believed that Jim was in any danger and that lesson the tension in the episode. I too enjoy the western episodes so maybe that is why I don’t see this as being to bad just average.



Herr Ostropolyer
SS 1st assignment - desk job

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Posted - 04/03/2007 :  16:04:05  Show Profile
Hey couldron,

Excellent review as always! I'm sorry to say, but I have to differ in my opinion about TNOT Plague. I found the episode to be very tired due to its many rehashes and it has Jim in cowboy attire so that the producers can save money and snatch an entire scene from the greatly superior TNOT Jack O' Diamonds. TNOT Plague is so full of typical Western cliches that it is very predictable. RC and RM are great, but the writing is on the wall and our heroes will go out with a whimper rather than with a bang. RC, RM, and the audience deserved so much better than this turkey!

TNOT Rehashes:

Our heroes have already dealt with plague and epidemics in TNOT Sudden Plague as well as TNOT Amnesiac. Lana Wood reprises her role as another spoiled senator's brat that we have already seen and disliked back in TNOT Firebrand. If memory serves me correctly, the reviewers were pretty upset that Vixen didn't get the book thrown at her back in that episode, and now we have her ruining West's plans to ambush the gang and her urksome tantrums. Plus, the end tag where we meet Averi's beau is a rehash of the end tag for TNOT Bottomless Pit.

The biggest gripe I have is about West's cowboy attire. In TNOT Jack O' Diamonds, as well as TNOT Death Masks West had a reason to wear these clothes. In Jack O'Diamonds, the producers were trying to do an epic Western for the small screen and West was trying to infiltrate El Sordo's gang so he wore the cowboy outfit. In TNOT Death Masks Stark was trying to confuse West and Gordon into killing each other by having the duo wear cowboy outfits. West's looks like the cowboy that fired upon Artie, While Artie was dressed and disguised as Stark himself. However, in TNOT Plague West's only reason for wearing his trail duds here was for the producers to save money by using stock fotage from TNOT Jack O' Diamonds. Sadly, the audience can tell the difference. In Plague, West has no tan and has his awful hairdo, while in Jack O' Diamonds he is tan and has his old hairdo.

TNOT Western Cliches:

Plague doesn't feel like our favorite show. Instead, it feels like all the Western cliches roled into one. A deadly Plague has gripped the gang West has been chasing and he is now infected. The tension filled deadline for Artie to reach Jim in time is ruined because Jim never suffers from any of the symptoms that an infected person acquires. Plus, the gang convienently suffers from the symptoms in order for West and Gordon to overcome the gang.

Another cliche is that a prominant senator's daughter is being held for ransome by a dubious gang. Plus, aren't a gang of highwaymen a little out of West's and Gordon's Secret Service Jurisdiction. I honestly forgot if I was watching our favorrite show or "Gunsmoke". I'm not putting down "Gunsmoke", but if I want a well done serious Western Drama I'll watch "Gunsmoke, but not www.

Lastly, I also would like to discuss the lack of RM in the episode. Yes, we have Artie tracking down the acting troop lead in which he gives a superb performance as Kevin Kemball, but I feel again due to his recovery the producers are limiting RM by purposly splitting up the plot as it is with Artie trying to find West off screen while Jim is on the gang's tail! I probably would have forgiven this if Jim came down with some symptom of the plague for believabilty, but alas he doesn't and I feel that TNOT Plague is a waist of my time. Been there and done that! It was certainly an episode our favorite series should not have ended with. RC and RM deserved so much better!

TNOT Plague gets 1 and 1/2 stars out of five.

Herr Ostropolyer

"I'll have some of that sagebrush tea now Mr. West" -Averi (Lana Wood) in TNOT Plague, the last episode of Wild Wild West aired, but not produced of our favorite series.
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SS Quizmaster Emeritus

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Posted - 04/03/2007 :  21:59:59  Show Profile
The hardest thing for me is deciding which episode I like less: this one, or "The Cossacks," the last one produced. A very tough call.

If this weren't such a "Jack O'Diamonds" retread, I'd call "The Plague" the Hawaii Five-0 episode, because it borrows so much of its music. In one of the longer cues you can even hear the signature theme, tracked to the stand-off inside and outside the cave (Act IV).

About the only thing I really like in this one is the Shakespearean folderol, which takes us back to Artie's roots in "Night of the Casual Killer." Otherwise the AKA "Long Chase" seems to me just a long bore.

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