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 Loveless episodes
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 01/09/2005 :  14:56:46  Show Profile

The review this week will be Green Terror. In preparation (and to stop myself from pulling out all my hair just reading that quiz. Good job ccb. ),I rated the episodes one to ten. Listing them in order from the ones I liked the best to the ones I liked the least.
1. Surreal McCoy
2. Murderous Spring
3. Terror Stalked the Town
4. Raven
5. Wizard Shook the Earth
6. Loveless Died
7. Whirring Death
8. Green Terror
9. Bogus Bandits
10. Miguelito’s Revenge

SS Quizmaster Emeritus

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Posted - 01/09/2005 :  15:44:57  Show Profile
Interesting list, Mary. Why did you rank them as you did?

And come on back to the quiz. The others are on the very cusp of triumph; maybe you can push them Over the Top.
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 01/10/2005 :  03:18:44  Show Profile
I started off by asking which one did I least like watching than the next and the next until I got to the top five. Than it was which ones did I like watching the most. Sureal McCoy has always been to me the most imaginative.
I had hoped ccb that I would get others ratings. Now back to that quiz
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Desert Roger
SS novice field agent

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Posted - 01/10/2005 :  07:20:07  Show Profile  Visit Desert Roger's Homepage
My top 5 favorite Loveless episodes...

1. Surreal McCoy (has it all...humor, action, a great Artie disguise, magic/fantasy, music, etc.)

2. Doctor Loveless Died

3. Bogus Bandits

4. Raven

5. Murderous Spring
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Herr Ostropolyer
SS 1st assignment - desk job

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Posted - 01/11/2005 :  18:01:39  Show Profile
Hello all,
Here are my favorite Loveless episodes in order from best to least favorite. And, I hope not to step on anyone toes. This listing is from my observations of the "funny little man with the great big hatred against the world."

1. TNT Wizard Shook the Earth- Its the one that inroduced us to the greates villain in tv history. There has never been another tv antagonist that has even come close. Plus, this is where the ground rules are set. He is truly a man who is at war with himself. Loveless is an enraged inventor.

2. TNOT Murderous Spring- Loveless proves his ruthlessness by having his underlings drugged and kill themselves to prove a point to our Agents. He is no longer at war with California, instead he wants to destroy the world with his two biggest meddlers.

3. TNT Dr. Loveless Died- Not ranking high on anyone's list here, but for me I love how Dunn gets to play a diffeernt character, plus when we finally find out its Loveless, the awe at the control Loveless had at "being" someone else. Jim did truly believe that he was Dr. Liebnecht. Plus, I think this is the closest that Loveless has come to killing Jim w/o killing him. The labotomy would have definently made West entirely useless.

4. TNOT Surreal McCoy- A wonderfully wild episode in which our heroes can jump in and out of portraits. Truly proving that Loveless is ahead of his times. (haven't we all always wanted to do that.) Its also refreshing in that Loveless is not seeking revenge or has a plan to dominate the world. He wants to get more capital to finance his experiments and Kill the only man who can stop him.

5. TNOT Green Terror- For me this is the defining point where Loveless is truly insane and just not an enraged inventor seeking revenge upon California. He is willing to kill off all life on the earth through hunger. It is truly an insanely evil man who has deaf ears to starving children, but he tells us all. We don't know what true torment is (Living in such a small corruptable body) A true testement as to who Loveless' character, this is why he does the evil things he does. Enough said.

6. TNOT Raven- Another Wildly wonderful episode in which Loveless has the power to shrink everyone down to size, and thus finally look down upon our heroes. Loveless will truly be the giant amongst men with the power of the gods. I feel terrible of how close that the Dr. has come to reaching his wreched dream, just ot have it bungled again by our heroes. The awesome special effects for this time also helps!

7. TNT Terror Stalks The Town- This ranks low for me because its nothing more than the old evil twin episode cliche of many evil twin episodes not only for the series (TNOT Big Blast, TNOT Pistoleros, and *Spolier* TNOT Tottering Tontine come to mind), but also for many 60's tv shows. It proves that Loveless is truly obsessed with getting even with his deadliest foe, but at such a large cost as to making a twin in which Loveless even gets confused as to who is the real one is ludicrous.

8. TNOT Whirring Death- Loveless threatening the destruction of California for a third time (Economically) "Ho-Hum very boring for a Loveless, plus being the closest thing to a christmas episode W/o it being a christmas episode always bothered me.

9. TNOT Bogus Bandits- Loveless gets to be the big boss (Why, he always is anyway.) of a school of assassins. Plus, his plan to take over the US was too easily destroyed. Also, I've always felt this was a cheaply done episode W/ all of the bandits wearing RM's lifemask. (why didn't anyone suspect Artie as he came into town.)

10. TNO Miguelito's Revenge- Very disappointing, not because it is an Artie-Less episode, but they recycle so many things from other seasons like the steam powered puppeteer (TNOT Puppeteer) and trying to drown Jim in a box (TNOT Vipers),all just to have a basic Loveless revenge against everyone who has betrayed him in the past plot. "Ho-Hum" (Very disheartening) Loveless is no Longer the villain he was in which he came very close to killing our boys. The writers here didn't even give him a plot to rule the world. (Very unlike the Loveless from the previous episodes) Now we role our eyes and sigh because maybe if there had been another season, Loveless' threat at the end of this episode may have been more promising.

Herr Ostropolyer
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SS Quizmaster Emeritus

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Posted - 01/11/2005 :  18:18:36  Show Profile
If the criterion is, Which of the Loveless episodes do I most enjoy watching?, I'd say, from highest to lowest,

1. The Murderous Spring
2. The Wizard Shook the Earth
3. The Surreal McCoy
4. Terror Stalked the Town
5. The Raven
6. The Whirring Death
7. The Green Terror
8. The Bogus Bandits
9. Miguelito's Revenge
10. Dr. Loveless Died

For me, the last three are in a dead-heat for last place. For different reasons, I don't very much care for them.
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SS spy school graduate

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Posted - 01/11/2005 :  23:11:22  Show Profile
Seeing as how it's the *only* Loveless ep I've seen thus far, my favorite is TNOT Wizard Shook The Earth. It was my introductory episode to Loveless, and I loved every minute of it! It makes me very anxious to see the other Loveless eps! He is so cool!

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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 01/12/2005 :  08:48:02  Show Profile  Visit Redhead1617's Homepage
Loveless eps: my dad's favorites, everytime I'm home it's "whatever you want to watch" and then he adds "is Loveless in it??" I don't know his order but I'm sure the first season eps are at the top for him.

Lessee, my order fav to least...

1)Murderous Spring
2)Green Terror
3)Terror Stalked the Town
4)Bogus Bandits
6)Surreal McCoy
7)Whirring Death
8)Miguelito's Revenge
9)Loveless Died
10)Wizard Shook the Earth

Interresting... Murderous Spring and Surreal McCoy seem to top most lists


*sigh...where's MY Ross Martin?
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 01/13/2005 :  00:24:44  Show Profile  Visit AdorableBlue's Homepage
Blue's list would be:

1. Surreal McCoy (love the plot!)
2. Green Terror (love the action)
3. Terror Stalked the Town (James looks great!)
4. Wizard Shook the Earth (just love first-time meeting)
5. Whirring Death (Its James again!)
6. Murderous Spring (Blue got blurried with this, too)
7. Raven (Not much action...)
8. Loveless Died
9. Bogus Bandits
10. Miguelito’s Revenge


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SS Quizmaster Emeritus

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Posted - 01/13/2005 :  06:49:09  Show Profile
t_a_g: Seeing as how it's the *only* Loveless ep I've seen thus far, my favorite is TNOT Wizard Shook The Earth. It was my introductory episode to Loveless, and I loved every minute of it! It makes me very anxious to see the other Loveless eps!

I envy anyone seeing these things for the very first time. You have some delightful hours ahead of you.
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