Biography -- BOB HERRON
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    Professional stuntman Robert Dwane Herron was born in Los Angeles, California. Performing a stunt diveHis parents divorced when Bob was very young with his mother remaining in California and his father making a home in the Hawaiian Islands. Bob went to live in Hawaii with his father. The island backdrop naturally lent itself to athletic pursuits, and Bob became proficient in many including swimming, surfing, and high diving. About this time he formed an interest in martial arts and studied judo throughout his youth. At age twelve with six years of outdoor activities behind him, Bob returned to the mainland to live with his grandparents and began working with his stepfather, Ace Hudkins. Hudkins was a very successful boxing champion who had gone west to Infamous car crash stuntseek his fortune, and ended up as one of the key horse wrangles and stunt horse suppliers for many major studios of the era, including Warner Bros. On his California ranch, Hudkins taught Bob both fisticuffs and horsemanship, two skills which would prove highly useful in the young man's future.

    In 1943 Bob entered the Navy in WWII, assigned to the Pacific theatre and participated in a number of land invasions. His boxing background paid off with a Navy championship to his credit. After the war Bob's ties to the studios landed him a position in the Warner Bros. props department. However, his physical prowess in so many arenas found him better More stunt worksuited for the out of doors and after a few years in props Bob began working full time for his stepfather as a wrangler. This experience soon had him doing stunt work along with acting gigs. His first stunt job was in 1950 in the Errol Flynn epic "Rocky Mountain". Soon Bob found he had a choice to make between acting and stunt work. He chose stunts, beginning a long career in the field that continues to this day.

    with Whitey HughesBob's stunt career has flourished with hundreds of movie and tv credits. In the late 1950s, he ended up with a regular gig on a series featuring Hollywood newcomer Robert Conrad, called "Hawaiian Eye" where he often doubled Conrad. Soon afterward came "The Wild Wild West" and doubling series co-star Ross Martin is among his favorite memories. From "Hawaiian Eye" to "West", Bob and Conrad found themselves working together quite often. Conrad too was into martial arts and at some point he had decided he wanted to learn to box. Bob showed him the ropes, Bob Herron today how to block, throw punches, hooks, uppercuts, and how to plant his feet properly and Conrad eventually worked the style into the series. Star Trek fans know Bob Herron as the first "Kahless" in the popular episode The Savage Curtain.

    Today Bob Herron is still an active stuntman with appearances on shows such as "The X-Files" and features films like "Hard Rain", "Liar Liar", and "L.A. Confidential". A consumate professional who has always strived for proper safety, treatment and fair pay for all men who risk their lives providing the thrill in thrillers, he is currently a member and on the board of directors of the Stuntmen's Association, and has been on the S.A.G board of directors, the Chairman of the National S.A.G. stunt and safety committee, and is a past president of the Stuntmen's Association.


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